LPR-1® World-Class Safety Standards



We strongly believe in the saying that “Better be safe, than sorry.”

As a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES is committed to screen through more than 185 crucial poison tests and analysis using the Singapore SAC-SINGLAS-accredited laboratories before LPR-1® is released to the market. Thus, ensuring the safety profile of LPR-1® to our customers.

All parts of LPR-1® nutritional medicine are custom-made so as to achieve the optimal efficacy and safety standards which LPR-1® is recognised for. These include the customisation of the diameter of the bottle-opening to facilitate the smooth pouring out of the capsules, the high-heat and chemical resistance crystal-clear borosilicate glass-bottle to optimise storage condition and the exact calculated effective dosage in order to obtain optimal efficacy and safety.

A combination of more than 50 innovative solutions – from proprietary formulations to patented bioengineering features, is the result of LPR-1® 6 years of R&D work. Every bottle of LPR-1® finished product is individually checked and inspected by SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES authorised and qualified officials.

Never before,  LPR-1® is setting a new multi-disciplinary approach exceeding the industry standards in harnessing the efficacy and safety of the product.