What is LPR-1- Block #3

Organ lipids are the outer and inner lining of organs that protects the intracellular neighbors, like the skin on our body. Lipid lining reduces thickness as peroxidation damage cumulates and as a result cells get damaged and aged.

Eventually the cells in our organ weaken and overall intracellular condition weakens and these cells stop functioning or die.

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The product is available as vegetarian capsules that are blister packaged in eco-friendly outer packings.

Consumers typically take between 2 (two) to 4 (four) capsules daily; alternatively please consult doctors prescribing LPR-1® to determine the appropriate dosage for yourself.

SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES follows stringent quality control procedures to ensure the safety and efficacy of its product, including a rigorous testing and analysis program across all phases of development and production.

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