What is Lipid Peroxidation- Block #1

Lipid peroxidation is an essential activity in our body that affects how our organ age and function1, 2

Organ lipids are the outer and inner lining of organs that protect the intracellular neighbors, like the skin on our body. Lipid lining reduces thickness as peroxidation damage cumulates and as a result cell gets damaged and aged.

Eventually the cells in our organ weaken and overall intracellular condition weaken and these cells stop functioning or die.

The effect of lipid peroxidation activity in human body accumulates as we age, in spite of the fact that our bodies provide natural defences against these activities1.

As we age, these defences weaken and the cumulative effects damage our cells. Thereby affecting cellular and organ functions1, 3.

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Some cells, like those found in the heart, liver, lung, kidney and brain, are most affected by lipid peroxidation because they are exposed to these damages more frequently.