What is Lipid Peroxidation Reduction (LPR)?

Our body has naturally occurring defence mechanisms to repair and replace lipid peroxidation damages, including damages done to the cells in our organs. However, as we age these damages accumulate and surpasses the repair and replacement capabilities our body can provide. Causing premature ageing, and organ related diseases.

Exposing 3’-deoxyadenosine, an active ingredient contained in LPR-1® to these environments to the affected cells may be the key to help organs perform more efficiently. Scientific research has shown exposing the compound to aged organs and human cells slowed cell ageing and allowed organs to perform as though they were young again.

LPR-1® is a proprietary, all natural, plant-based compound which is designed to help maintain or enhance organ health by reducing lipid peroxidation damages. LPR-1® nutritional medicine is the first research-based product that specifically target Lipid Peroxidation Reduction.

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