• Congratulations to Dr Patrick H.M. Loh for the Award of the Honorary Doctorate of Science (HonDSc) from Murdoch University, Western Australia

    SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES, would like to congratulate Dr Patrick H.M Loh on his occasion of receiving the Honorary Doctorate of Science (HonDSc) award from Murdoch University, Western Australia in recognition of his exceptional contributions to science, academia and agribusiness in the ASEAN region. It is the University’s highest accolade that can be awarded to an individual, recognising exceptional achievement […]

  • LPR-1® World-Class Safety Standards

      We strongly believe in the saying that “Better be safe, than sorry.” As a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES is committed to screen through more than 185 crucial poison tests and analysis using the Singapore SAC-SINGLAS-accredited laboratories before LPR-1® is released to the market. Thus, ensuring the safety profile of LPR-1® to our customers. All parts of LPR-1® nutritional medicine are […]

  • LPR-1® Compound Protects the Organs from Lipid Peroxidation Damage

    A peer-reviewed journal published in the Experimental Gerontology in 2012 has evaluated a compound found in LPR-1® to have organ lipid peroxidation reduction protections. The study was conducted on 3 groups of test subjects. Analysis on lipid peroxidation biomarker- MDA in the homogenates of liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs from young and aged controls and […]

  • Functional Assessment of LPR-1® on Human Cell Ageing Activities

      Based on experiment conducted in Phase-1 of the SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES Clinical Studies & Advanced Development (CSAD) Programme.   The School of Chemical & Life Sciences, Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic research team has attained promising results on the application of LPR-1® on human cellular protection functions. This human cellular study demonstrated that the proprietary LPR-1® nutritional […]

  • MoU between Singapore Link Sciences & Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic

    A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is signed between SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES and Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic School of Chemical & Life Sciences today. Represented by Dr Joel Lee, Director of School of Chemical & Life Sciences, and Peng-Fei Chang, Cofounder-Director of SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES. With the signing of the MoU between the two organisations, marks the official commencement of SINGAPORE […]

  • An Organic Molecule in LPR-1® Improves Cardiovascular Health Markers

    A recent study published in Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, The Japanese Pharmacological Society; have indicated that daily administration of 3′-deoxyadenosine in test subjects have shown to have significant improvements on Total Cholesterol (TC) and Triglyceride (TG) readings. (3′-deoxyadenosine is a organic molecule naturally found in LPR-1® nutritional medicine.) TC and TG are important components of blood and […]

  • Singapore Link Sciences 140,000 Square Feet Dedicated Production Facility

    Covering more than 10,000 square meters, SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES overseas production facility is established to produce dedicated raw ingredient exclusively for the development and production of LPR-1® nutritional medicine. The company strongly believes in the importance of raw ingredient consistency and sustainability under quality assured conditions. These are very crucial foundations in the formulation of an efficacious […]

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LPR-1® is the first break-through product designed to slow down the effect of organ ageing. The product is available by invitation and referral and also from Singapore medical specialists and physicians who have been certified by SINGAPORE LINK SCIENCES.
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What is LPR-1®?

Find out more about LPR-1®, a proprietary with patented formulations, all natural, plant-based compound, which can help reduce the effect of organ lipid peroxidation that cumulates as people get older.


Lipid peroxidation is a natural biological activity that happens in all of us. Learn how lipid peroxidation damage can affect organ ageing processes.


Learn how lipid peroxidation reducer (LPR), an organic active ingredient in LPR-1® can help slow down organ cellular ageing.